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Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Birthday without Anything :')

Dear bloggers,
Today is my birthday.. :)
But, there is nothing special..
U know what?
No present in this year..
Just a present from Awien..
My besties pon late wish..
Everyone didnt remember my birthday, early..
But i'm happy with them..
And my mum, sebab buadkan 'mee kari' untox my friends tady..
It okay, i'm very very appreciated them..
Love them a lot.. :)
Thanks Mum, Thanks Friends
From left: Dyra, Shira, Fildza. Madnor, Are yin,
                     Iwan, Zack, Harith, Zaima and ME :)

Monday, 8 April 2013

I Lost HiM :')

Dear bloggers..
I'm down now! ttbe jee rase rindu kad dea tdy..
Dea poke Myea kad FB..
And then Myea terus stalk FB dea.. :D
Omg! His relay is real, not FAKE!
Awq kate FAKE jee, tpy sbenarnyee tak kan?
Ouh kay..
Statement kad FB dea tu.. :(
Now, Myea sedar yg I'M NOT HIS GURLFIE anymore.. :'(
Awq, i'm sorry kay..
Just sayangkn awq lagy.. :(
Ingat YOU'RE still SiNGLE..
But, erm I'M OKAY.. :)
Yup, Myea okay.. :)
Bru ingt nak text dea..
Tapy, lepas niy..
Daa tana laa text lagy..
Takod laa gurl dea mara dea naty kan..
I'm really-2 sorry because text awq seblom niy.. :')
I dont no..
But, now daa tahu..
Myea janji tak kacau dea..
Okay, but sedih kan bilee org kite still sayang daa ade org laen..
Kay, iLysm *for the last one* :'(
Assalamualaikum ^^


         Gadisz Manje